Gerard “Jerry” Maker – Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA – Scams

PENNSYLVANIA Attorney Escrow Account inside a joint endeavor program which was supposedly organized and sponsored with a Mr Gerard “Jerry” G Brewer associated with Wilmington, D. C. with regard to project funding.

At time we joined negotiations along with Mr Maker, he stated his organization, BFI, LLC had been the originator from the joint endeavor program. All of us were knowledgeable by Mr Maker and their consultant, Mr Tag Robbins associated with San Fransisco how the funding procedure would consider 60-75 days in the date associated with receipt in to his lawyer’s escrow accounts.

Three in order to four several weeks passed as well as Mr Brewer’s partnership program didn’t fulfill it’s loan responsibility to RSA. We taken care of consistent however amicable speaks through the start of December so that they can work with the “funding process” along with Mr Maker.

After, getting nowhere with this request in order to close the transaction, we requested a complete refund in our deposit because called through Mr Brewer’s “BFI Contract”. In the beginning Mr Maker was really sensitive to the need in order to rectify a scenario that experienced turned poor. RSA had been promised upon several events that it’s deposit will be returned quickly.

Promptly arrived and proceeded to go so RSA requested how the law organization of Bernstein & Feldman PENNSYLVANIA return it’s deposit kept in escrow along with a $25, 000 fee for non-performance because stated within the BFI, LLC agreement. After a number of calls towards the Bernstein Lawyer, Mr Joe Bernstein lastly returned the call and in an exceedingly arrogant style told us he was no more holding the actual funds within escrow which he wasn’t responsible for that now dropped funds. This stage we dispute even today.

Following Mr Bernstein’s claims, RSA involved it’s lawyer to consider legal action to recuperate its “lost” down payment. During it’s research, RSA’s lawyer discovered which Mr Brewer’s organization, “BFI, LLC” wasn’t a genuine entity, and inside a call along with Mr Maxwell associated with RSA, Mr Maker confirmed which, in truth, BFI, LLC wasn’t a lawful entity as well as was in no way a authorized business.

RSA after that re-contacted Mr Joe Bernstein as well as Mr Bernstein claimed how the RSA down payment was immediately delivered to the individual account associated with Mr Gerard “Jerry” Maker. RSA and it is attorneys are from the strong opinion this breach constitutes not just fraud within the inducement associated with funds but additionally civil thievery. It should be clearly mentioned that never did RSA consider or give any kind of permission that could have permitted its funds to become turned to Mr Maker. RSA had been always from the understanding which its money would stay in escrow till either the actual transaction had been closed or even its down payment was returned. Neither occurred.

RSA ongoing past earlier December to make contact with Mr Maker; however, Mr Maker informed RSA which his attorney wouldn’t allow any kind of communication. This had been of excellent disappointment in order to RSA since it had previously an excellent working romantic relationship with Mr Maker.

Unfortunately, RSA had been forced in order to file the civil problem for thievery in looking for the come back of it’s funds towards Mr Brewer yet others active in the fraudulent deal.

RSA is constantly on the call on Mr Maker and Bernstein as well as Feldman PENNSYLVANIA to recognition the agreement commitment as well as return it’s deposit in addition applicable damage.

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