Things to Do Before Meeting a Personal Injury Lawyer

Consequences of facing an accident can be overwhelming. Accident invites a lot of trouble like suffering from pain, stress, mental trauma etc. It’s very difficult to deal with such situations. If you’ve suffered a personal injury because of someone else’s fault, it is best to hire a personal lawyer attorney.

An experienced and skilled attorney will help you minimize your losses by giving you much better chances of obtaining the benefits which as a victim you deserve. However, before you approach a lawyer, we recommend you to prepare yourself a little.

Expect these questions

Any lawyer will expect and demand true description of your incident, so that he can evaluate the chances of your success. He will go into more detail and ask some difficult, but necessary questions along the way. Its better you prep yourself in advance, this would help the process to run smoothly. Expect questions like:

  • What is your current health and injury status?
  • In what way your daily tasks are affected by that injury?
  • What prognosis did your doctor make?
  • Do you have any insurance?
  • Have you submitted details to insurance companies or other lawyer about this accident?

Collect documents and evidences

It’s always a good idea to do some paperwork or collect some documents before the meeting takes place. Show documents like:

  • Copies of Medical and official reports.
  • Insurance related documents.
  • Photographs taken during the accident.
  • Documents stating the loss of your work and wages.

These are the things your attorney will be in need as the process commences.

How much will the lawyer cost?

It’s advisable to discuss all the legal fee matters during your first meeting so that you can settle on a wise decision. Ask them about the individual expenses and also how much will they charge from the compensation. Don’t forget to ask about their charging method.

The charging method differs depending upon the lawyer. Some lawyer may charge you on hourly basis, while some agree for flat fee system.

Moreover, a lot of lawyers work on contingency basis. It’s based on the outcome.  In Contingency fee arrangement, a personal injury lawyer will take some amount from the compensation you receive after the judgement trail or settlements. On an average, contingency fees are between 33-40%.

No win no fee which means if you lose, the personal injury attorney will receive nothing. Also, you’re not required to pay for

  • Initial consultation
  • Meeting the lawyer

Not least of all, you must ask questions to your lawyer to decide if he’s the right choice for you. Once you have hired one, keep communicating with him to stay updated.

Having a good lawyer by your side does make a difference.  Khan Injury Law, has helped a large number of people across Washington, US, in claiming personal injury compensations. With years of experience and skills, their personal injury attorneys have abilities to efficiently deal with even the most complex cases of personal injury.

Facing such situations alone would be difficult and stressful. It’s advisable that you hire a personal injury lawyer to minimise your losses.






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