For heavy and big vehicles and machineries, it is normal for them to get soiled heavily. These can happen in the construction sites and even the military area. Because of the weight of these vehicles, soils can be easily attached to the wheels. Even if it may seem simple, it is not easily to remove the soils from the wheels. That is why MobyDick provides demucking system that will solve the problem. It will be very useful to clean the wheels completely.

Great Technology of Demucking Systems

The soils should be removed as soon as possible. It is not only to make the vehicles clean so they look good. It is also important for its maintenance. The soils can block the access and reduce the performance of those heavy vehicles. Moreover, it will be harder to do proper maintenance when the wheels are dirty and soiled.

The demucking system from MobyDick has great technology. Its system is not only to spray the water on the area of wheels and lower parts of the vehicles. The system will provide enough pressure to push and remove the soils in every corner of the wheels. Its power output, power consumption, and water pressure are already calculated properly to give great effectiveness and efficiency.

Models of Demucking System

In addition to its excellent technology, MobyDick has many models of demucking systems. There are also options of wheel washers that will give choices for different parties or company. The demucking system has many models so it will be big problem for any companies that need them. In this case, all models have similar technologies so there will be no issues regarding its efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning the wheels.

Moreover, the manufacturer is fully aware that there are different types of heavy vehicles. There are wheeled and railed vehicles. Each of them will need different mechanism to clean the wheels. Moreover, there will also be different dimensions. The manufacturer has considered all of these aspects and the demucking system will not have problem to deal with those situations.

By Betty