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Most employees give the right answers when they are being interviewed and also when interacting with their seniors in the company who will be appraising them. Yet often the performance of the employees depends on how the person interacts with people who do not matter, like their peers, juniors and vendors. Hence it is important for a business to understand the real mindset of their employees, how they will behave in real life. Monitoring the employee at the workplace is time consuming, so playing escape games are one of the easiest ways to understand the mindset of the employee.

Though employees can be told that playing the escape game at Escape Hour in only a fun activity, it can be used by the human resources department and management to understand the true character of the employees. All employees playing the escape game have only one hour to find the clues they require and exit the quest room. The members of the team have to work together to solve the puzzles, and the behavior of the team members can give important information on the mindset of the team members, how they deal with challenges, and interact with each other.

People have different mindsets and attitudes while dealing with difficult conditions or challenges, especially when they have a team. Some of the team members will take the initiative and decide how the work can be distributed among the team members, with or without their consent. In other cases, they will do the work themselves. A few team members will be happy to let others do all the work, they will only watch, especially if they are not assigned any work. So, businesses based in Calgary can use the behavior of their employees confined to a locker room to understand them better.

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During the covid-19 pandemic, many businesses and escape rooms in Edmonton are facing challenges, and they would like to find out which employees have the right mindset to deal with the challenges, are willing to take the initiative and work hard. So, observing the employee behavior when confined to the locker room can help the business choose the right team members for new projects or assignments which it is undertaking. In case the business is planning to reduce its workforce due to the recession linked to the pandemic, the behavior in the escape room is also an indicator of which employees are less like to contribute to the growth of the organization.