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While it is nearly impossible to avoid unreliable insurance companies, there are ways to tell how you can recognize a trustworthy one. Insurance is an intangible asset, so it is important to be careful when looking for an insurance company you can trust.


Before choosing an insurance company, you must first do thorough research on the company. You need to know the number of years the company has existed and their years in the business; It could be a pointer to know that they have been good to have lasted that long. Check their vision and mission statement. You can compare it with the goal you have in mind that you want your insurance company to fulfil. Also, you could go on their websites or the internet to check out the reviews about insurance and insurance companies, to know the one you can trust. Ensure to check the company’s reputation online and see the standards they have achieved for themselves and how well they have thrived through the years they have existed.

Government Approved

Always check the credibility of any insurance company, so you can tell if you can trust them or not. Ensure that they are government-approved or accredited. An insurance company that is approved by the government would abide by the rules of how ab insurance company carries out its responsibilities. In case of any clarification, you are guaranteed of policies that back up your claim. Also, research to know if the company and the license to insure.

The Financial Strength of Insurance Company

Adequate information on the financial strength of an insurance company should be considered in looking for trustworthy companies. When an insurance company has the poor financial capacity, it could result in difficult claim payments. You can check an insurance company’s financial strength by using the A.M Best company, which is recognized as a good platform for accessing insurance companies’ financial strength.

Customer Service:

Do a background check on how you can interact with any insurance company, as well as how they respond to clients. You need to know if they can solve issues fast or how they pay their claims and check if they operate an online and offline interaction for clients. Check if they have platforms where they can send information to you regarding policy changes. And if their customer services are reliable.

Full Disclosure

Settle for companies with full disclosure of the company’s policy. Insurance companies that don’t allow full disclosure of policies cannot be trusted, because when you lay a claim, they could decline it, stating that it was never part of the agreement. Then you would have to go through the stress of appeal and legal actions.

Payment of claims

Find out how the insurance company pays their clients claims, check out if they pay on time, and check if they make their clients go through stress before payment. Settle for companies that are straightforward and have transparent policies


It is advisable sometimes to trust referrals when looking for insurance companies, talk to friends and family members and colleagues, to know their history with their insurance companies. Good referrals will help in setting for insurance companies that you can trust.